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Parenting is tough. Babies do not come with manuals. Every parent wants to be a good mother or father to their baby. No one enters parenthood wanting to be as “bad” of a parent as possible.

How can you work through the fear that you are not good enough? How do you handle guilt that has lurked around since your baby’s birth? And how do you work with your own childhood experience and family of origin. Your earliest experience of parenting comes from your own caregivers. By understanding and making meaning of your own experiences you can take ownership of what kind of parent you are and what kind of parent you want to be. We do not believe in a specific parenting strategy.

Instead, we believe that every person is able and free to be the healthiest version as a parent. We just want to help you get “there” (with some gentle nudges and challenges to guide your way). You will continue to evolve and grow with your children.

No one like you

Similarly, you will face new challenges as long as you assume your parenting role. Your desire to be a good parent comes from your love for your child. And, that is a good starting place! We believe that you are the best possible parent to your baby, child or teen. No one can love your child like you can.

Parenting approach

We want to equip you with some skills and tools and share research-based information to help you feel that you are a ‘good enough’ parent. With time your feelings of inadequacy and guilt will fade. As you work on your parenting approach, please remember to look after yourself. If you feel good about yourself and look after your mental and physical well being your family will benefit.

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