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A Positive Approach to Reducing Screen Time

Ava discussed all things parenting around the screen and raising children in empowering, developmentally appropriate ways with Dr. Meghan Owenz

Interview: Françoise Bourzat

Françoise Bourzat, author of the best selling book Consciousness Medicine: An enlightening discussion on women's mental health and a guided meditation

Positive Energy Meditation

Ava guides you through a grounding 10-minute journey so you can reconnect with earth, receive positive energy and release anything that doesn’t serve you.

Meditation: Four Elements

Ava guides you through a brief 4-minute journey that helps reconnect you to the 4 elements of nature. Earth, water, air and fire.

Exercise: Pendulating Practice

Ava guides you through a somatic experiencing exercise called pendulating, developed by Pat Ogden and Peter Levine.

Meditation: Four Elements (Longer Version)

This is a slight variation from the 4 elements meditation. Here, Ava guides you through an 8-minute journey connecting you to the elements of nature within you.

Light Stream Meditation

Ava guides you through a journey that helps you receive the healing qualities of an unlimited stream of healing light.

Why Aurelia

Aurelia Psychology is a mental health blog and online resource platform created by psychologists Matleena and Ava to help guide you towards better emotional health. 

Dr. Ava Ghasemi Holdich

Clinical Psychologist

Ava is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and EMDR therapist in Dubai, UAE where she has been living since 2014. Ava has a special interest in trauma and works with adults with a range of psychological difficulties and emotional health challenges.

Matleena Vanhanen

Counselling Psychologist

Matleena Vanhanen is a licensed Counselling Psychologist with over 20 years experience working in Europe and the Middle East. Matleena has a practice of couples and individual therapy at the MapleTree Center.

Areas of Emotional Health

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